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Shore scuba diving Andaman

The shore dive is well suited to the first-time diver that is new to swimming or has apprehensions about entering the sea and is equally enjoyable for those that love spending time in the water. After a training session with the instructor in waist-deep water wearing scuba equipment and learning how to breathe underwater plus a few basic skills, you will proceed to an assisted dive. A one-is-to-one ratio is maintained during the dive. The instructor will help you solve any problems you may face and attend to you throughout the experience.

Best Scuba Diving in Havelock - Make your Vacations Exciting at Andaman

One of the most exciting underwater adventurous sports is Best Scuba Diving in Andamans. You can explore the beautiful, colorful and inimitable world inside the ocean surface. Make your vacations full of adventures where you can experience beautiful sea life. Life at Andamans is full of the Coral world we welcome you to enjoy this, Coral Journey. Move ahead to explore more about our Scuba Diving Programs for beginners.

scuba diving in andaman

How do we conduct this?

Eventually, Scuba Diving in Andamans is for non-swimmers. Before diving, you will get a briefing session with your trainer. The trainer will make you learn the basic theory and safety concerns while going into the deep sea. The session helps you in keeping yourself calm underwater with the idea of scuba equipment. They will assist you with a few in-water skills like breathing techniques & signals. Techniques & Signals will make you feel comfortable and confident enough to dive. A chest-level shallow water diving session is given to every diver before going into the deep sea. This boosts the confidence of newbie sea-diver to comfortably dive into the sea. That is all now you are ready to dive. The whole program will take almost 1 hour 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on which you will enjoy your deep diving.

Who can do this!

Without any doubt, anyone can go and enjoy deep sea diving in Andaman. We recommend deep sea diving to physically and mentally fit persons and kids above the age of 8 years and 3 months.


You can download the medical questionnaires from here. You must read the form very sincerely. If any of the questions your answer is yes then you should consult a doctor. You need to get a certification that will state that you are perfectly fit for scuba diving.

NOTE: – We have seen that the most Aqua phobic person gets in love with the ocean once they dive deep into the sea. The coral life and the beautiful experiences take away their fear of scuba diving forever.

What we Offer

If you are looking for a fully relaxing, and refreshing experience, we offer it all under one roof.

Scuba diving courses in Andaman

Scuba diving is sensual on its own. Breathing is one of the most unique and fascinating sensations that is imaginable underwater. The breath becomes a rhythmic melody of inhalation and exhalation.

Snorkeling in Andaman

Among the top water activities, snorkeling is a recreational activity. This is among everyone who chooses on their Andaman vacation.

Kayaking in Andaman

Kayaking in Andaman is the perfect fit if you are looking for adventurous and exciting deep-water diving.

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Stay & logistics

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Our Team

We are here to make your Diving Experience with full of thrills and joy.

Mr Tension ( Bijoy)

Mr Tension ( Bijoy)

Team Tdm Tour Coordinator

Mr narkel (abhinash) the pick up specialist if you need pick up he will be there for you with his shuttle

Mr narkel (abhinash)

the pick up specialist

Bumba the great instructor


the great instructor

Sudip Nemo Dada


Nemo Dada

chota bheem the camera expert

chota bheem

the camera expert

Suraj the shark


the shark


scuba baba

The boat captain

The boat captain

scuba baba

Prabhat (copy expert)


copy expert

Panda Diver ( saurav )


Panda Diver

Prabhat Rescue diver

Prabhat Rescue diver

Perfect photographer

What Our Guests Say

We take pride in serving our guests with the best experience. Read what they say.

I will start with the good things. This was our first diving experience and what a experience it was, truly amazing. These guys are professional and knows what they are doing. They first teach you to breath with scuba near shore and then take you to dive via boat. It really felt like once in a lifetime experience at that time and we had no complaints. We liked it so much that we did it again in Neil island. The water in Neil island is much clearer and has a much wide variety of sea life. Maybe because Neil island is less crowded. There were large flocks of fishes which I didn't see at Havelock. Also, the price is much cheaper as well. So, if you are at Havelock dive with them but if you have time and planning to go to Neil island, save your money and do it there. You will have a much better experience.
Arindam Dasgupta
Amazing team and instructor. Very professional and satisfactory services. The beautiful location is cherry on top. Takes care of clients with patience. Completed my open water diving course under Sumit (Bumba) sir, Saurav, Sooraj, Sukanto, Babloo, Manoj, Sudip and Raja bhai, a lovely team for complete experience with high end cameras and guidance throughout. To sum up- For best underwater experience in Havelock Island, remember the name- The Dive Master.
Amazing experience at Dive Master. Spent most of our trip diving with them and doing the open water course. While I was very terrified of the skills initially, they left no stone unturned to make me feel comfortable and teach me the skills using different techniques. Saurabh, Gaurav and their entire team is very warm and fun at the same time. Thoroughly loved my experience and even the views we got to see during the dives. Definitely coming back here very soon.
Puja jugran
This was an out of the world experience! We started our Havelock trip with this and it was so cool! For first time divers it is a must do. Very safe and very adventurous. The team takes very good care and trains you very well. This is right next to Havelock Island Beach Resort. Key things to remember: 1. If you are nearing 45 yrs of age and have not experienced scuba, JUST DO IT!! HERE! 2. kids below 13 are strictly not allowed but my personal experience is 15+ can do it well. 3. If you have kids who cannot accompany you, either leave them in the hotel or leave them with the staff at Dive Master.. they will take care 4. Do not forget to take your videos and photos after the dive Have fun! Great job Team Dive Master!!
Raghuvir Krishnan

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