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Andaman Island Trip Package

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Scuba and snorkeling & island Hopping Trip

30,000 27000
  • Explore the world out here🏝️
  • Island Hopping and sunset cruises
  • Itinerary
  • Start time 1100hrs
  • End time Sunset.
  • Boating trip to a nearby island and Mangrove Creek
  • Sunset from a secret place
  • Havelock lighthouse view
  • Snorkeling at a secret reef
  • Snorkeling Kit
  • Snorkeling Guide
  • Refreshments
  • Note - In this pacakge scuba for Two Pax and one snorkelling seesion is included

Bright Package

9500 7,500
  • Explore the world out here🏝️
  • Island Hopping and sunset cruises
  • Itinerary
  • Start time 1500hrs
  • End time Sunset.
  • Boating trip to a nearby island and Mangrove Creek.
  • Sunset from a secret place
  • Havelock lighthouse view
  • Snorkeling at a secret reef
  • Snorkeling Kit
  • Snorkeling Guide
  • Refreshments
  • And lots of happy memories 😊

Are you Looking For an Andaman Island Hooping Trip if yes then you are in the right place here in this post we share all the information.

Welcome to the Andaman Islands, a tropical paradise located in the Bay of Bengal! If you’re looking for an exciting adventure, then an island hopping tour is the perfect way to explore the natural beauty and rich culture of this stunning archipelago. With crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, and lush tropical forests, the Andaman Islands are a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

During your island hopping tour, you’ll have the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful and remote islands in the region, each with its own unique charm and attractions. You can explore pristine coral reefs and swim with a variety of marine life, go trekking through dense forests to discover hidden waterfalls and ancient ruins, or simply relax on secluded beaches and soak up the sun.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or you are a first-time visitor to andman , an island-hopping tour in the Andaman Islands is an experience you’ll never forget. So come and join us on an adventure of a lifetime and discover the magic of this enchanting destination.

The tour starts with Beach no 2, Havelock swarjdeep, next to Nemo beach, Havelock, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744211

Scuba With Island Hopping Tour –

After Finishing the Basic Formalities we will take you to the scuba diving training session on the beach NO 2, in the shallow water we will provide a training session on get you to introduce scuba equipment, how to inhale and exhale with the equipment, tips to release underwater ear pressure, underwater hand signals, and many more required for a smooth scuba diving experience.

Our dive instructors make you comfortable and confident if you have fear about water with the water and provide you with some practical sessions in the chest-deep water near the beach. The training session time will be 30 to 45 minutes depending on your learning skills. Andaman Scuba Diving offers memorable underwater memories through its beautiful marine life.

After a full great training session, we will take to the main dive site Like – Nemo Reef, Tribe gate, red pillar, and turtle Beach. According to the best experience that day clear visibility of water. We will take you to that dive site so your experience is good.

These are some popular dive sites for anyone to have a one-time experience. It has a maximum depth of 12 meters and is known for its diverse marine life. Tribe gate and Nemo Reef and turtle Beach are popular for boat dives and are located approx 2 kilometers away from the Govind Nagar beach in an open sea. 

The dive site is very popular for the experience of multiple species of fish, corals, turtles, and a lot of different types of creatures. 

We will give you a backroll entry into the water and one divemaster will take to you to the depth of water The maximum depth we will take you is 12 meters deep. The actual underwater dive time will be 45-50 minutes and divers will take you to some splendid reefs full of marine and beautiful fishes and creatures. 


It includes 2 videos (1st video of the backflip from the boat and 2nd video of the underwater experience) and more than 40 photos. 

Note -One-time session of snorkeling is also included in the trip. If you want to do the snorkeling activity,  you can either do it right after your scuba dive at the Juvis dive site or post-lunch at Havelock lighthouse. 

After scuba diving, we will take you to the dive center there you can change the diving suit cloth and after that your island hopping tour begins. You can take your camera and phone to take beautiful pictures and videos for your memories.

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Our Testimonials

Amazing experience at Dive Master. Spent most of our trip diving with them and doing the open water course. While I was very terrified of the skills initially, they left no stone unturned to make me feel comfortable and teach me the skills using different techniques.

Puja Jugran​

Amazing team and instructor. Very professional and satisfactory services. The beautiful location is cherry on top. Takes care of clients with patience. Completed my open water diving course under Sumit (Bumba) sir, Saurav, Sooraj, Sukanto, Babloo, Manoj, Sudip and Raja bhai, a lovely team for complete experience with high end cameras and guidance throughout.

Vishnu Saini

Saurabh, Gaurav and their entire team is very warm and fun at the same time. Thoroughly loved my experience and even the views we got to see during the dives. Definitely coming back here very soon.

Durgesh Pathak

This was an out of the world experience! We started our Havelock trip with this and it was so cool! For first time divers it is a must do. Very safe and very adventurous. The team takes very good care and trains you very well. This is right next to Havelock Island Beach Resort.


Embark on a journey beneath the waves with andaman island hopping trip & Scuba Diving in Havelock!

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