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Are You Searching for Padi certification Andaman if Yes then You are in the right place here we have discussed every point. If you are don’t know about the PADI certification.

So first discuss  

What is PADI certification?

If you’re passionate about exploring the. underwater world, PADI Certification is your gateway to a mesmerizing aquatic adventure. 

When you are PADI certified you can dive any part of the world with any dive center and do fun dives at any dive site. 

You can dive deep according to the level of PADI certification you have.

Note- This course PADI Certifications age criteria 12 to 50 Years 

What are the Benefits of PADI certification Andaman –

  • You can dive deep according to the level of PADI certification you have. Like 12 Meters to 18 Meters deep.
  • Dive with any dive center at Cheap Rate 
  • Dive in any part of the world.
  • If You do paid certification in Andaman you will experience good water visibility and marine life underwater

How you can join The course –

  • First, you need to find a Good Dive center that has Good Reviews good equipment, and a Professional Instructor who has many years of experience.
  • The second step is to Ask about the best price and facility they Provide You like Pickup drop and Photos and Videos For Your Memory.
  • Some Dive centers also Provide accommodation  so you can also check that –
  • Then You have to plan with the PADI Certified instructor how and when your session starts with a confined water session and swimming test.
  • Plan your theory session and Practical session and dive site where You are going for a deep dive in Andaman.

These are the same Most popular dive sites on Havelock Island Andaman.

Johnny’s Gorge: Descend into the depths and discover a paradise for advanced divers. White-tip reef sharks, blue-spotted stingrays, and a myriad of colorful corals. create an underwater haven. Encounter guitar sharks and dolphin pods, adding an unexpected touch to the vibrant marine tapestry.

Dixon’s Pinnacle: Dive deep into Dixon’s Pinnacle, a loved site in Havelock. Marvel at the macro life, from mantis shrimps to nudibranch eggs, amidst coral-filled pinnacles. Witness barracuda and snapper schools, captivating divers with their graceful movements.

Jackson’s Bar: Plunge into the underwater bar-like formation of Jackson’s Bar, where blue-spotted. stingrays abound. The aptly named Stingray City portion of the reef offers a mesmerizing sight of tails emerging from the sandy expanse. Garden eels and schools of tropical fish enhance the allure of this aquatic spectacle.

Broken Ledge: As the name suggests, explore the depths of Broken Ledge, starting at 24 meters and extending beyond 30 meters. Navigate through small canyons to discover hidden residents like moray eels and lobsters. The coral-rich environment attracts a plethora of tropical—fish life, creating an immersive underwater experience.

Whitehouse Rock: Catering to both beginners. and advanced divers, Whitehouse Rock offers a unique perspective. on its steep and gradual slopes. Encounter turtles, snappers, bannerfish, and a vibrant array of marine life in this diverse underwater landscape.

Inket Wreck: Uncover the history of the Inket Wreck, an inter-island cargo vessel resting. at the inlet’s mouth. Explore the wreckage and witness the surreal macro life, with snappers and alone. giant grouper adding to the intrigue of this underwater museum.

The Wall: Experience the grandeur of The Wall, where depths range from 10 to 55 meters. Encounter fan corals, camouflage organisms, and a challenging current. Nudibranches hidden in soft corals. add a delightful touch to this advanced dive, creating an underwater symphony for seasoned divers.

Aquarium: For beginners, the Aquarium offers a gentle slope, clear waters, and an abundance of small fish. Revel in the underwater haven. with angel fish, bannerfish, snappers, and the delightful presence of stingrays.

Slope: Ideal for beginners, Slope boasts shallow ledges teeming with coral life. Concrete pillars, bursting with coral growth, serve as reference points for the ferries above. A stingray or two might surprise you in. the sandy patches, adding an element of excitement to this beginner-friendly site.

How You can start the PADI open water course –

  1. First, you need to find the PADI dive center which has a good reputation and Good Customer Reviews 
  2. Second Check if it is a PADI-certified  dive center or Not
  3. Check Good Professional and Experienced instructors are available in the Dive center or Not.
  4. After That Book Your slot in advance for a particular date.
  5. After Reaching to Dive center We will Provide e- learning material so You can watch the video and Complete The theory.
  6. Some question and answer sheets will be given to you so you can complete your exam.
  7. The next day some confined water sessions and some shore deep dives.

According to that, You can Plan with Your instructor and if You need some extra time or any adjustments Your course instructor will help You.

These are The some best important Courses for PADI that students love to do and start with.

PADI open water course – If You know basic swimming then you can start with an open water course. Here You can get up to 18 meters deep and learn about the various skill & adventure things to do.

For this, You need to be physically fit and have No Health issues required 

The days required for this course are 3 to 4 days and the assigned personal instructor is as well.

Other courses list of details and packages we have listed –

Padi Open Water Advance – after completing the open water course you can opt for the PADI open water course Here you can get the depth of 30 meters underwater in the sea.

Other courses after You can opt List Below – 

PADI Scuba Diver Course

PADI Emergency First Response Course- EFR

PADI Rescue Diver Course

PADI Master Scuba Diver

PADI Dive Master Course

Conclusions – 

All these courses require basic swimming skills and good physical fitness so you are perfect for all these courses. Not only You will do the courses also you have fun activities underwater and adventure things you will experience.

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