Are you looking kayaking near you - In havelock island

Another way to explore the beauty of these Islands is  Kayaking in havelock andaman over the clear blue waters.

There is a repository of rich biodiversity all around the islands, much of which can already be explored while paddling along the shallow waters close to shore.

Explore the mangroves or observe the stars in the clear night sky and enjoy the island from a whole new perspective

Join us on a memorable kayaking experience


(1) Sunset kayaking (2) Kayaking in the mangrove (3) Night kayaking in Havelock (4) Kayaking in the ocean (5)  Price Per Person – Rs-2,000

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Note: From  May 6 to May 31, bioluminescence was seen in the water Go mangrove kayaking in Havelock, where you can experience the different varieties of mangroves and also watch bird species and corals underwater.

Kayaking in the Ocean and Mangroves

Kayaking in the sea is a calming experience that can be tried by almost anyone. It’s not as physically challenging as kayaking through river rapids.

At the edge of the island where land meets the water, there is a treasure trove of life to be observed. Both marine and terrestrial life forms can be observed by nature lovers while kayaking around here.

Bioluminescence kayaking andaman

If You are looking for the Bioluminescence kayaking andaman then you are in the Perfect post here we have discussed all the points on how You can experience the Bioluminescence in Havelock Island.

For that, you have to select the 3:30 am slot early morning because you know that early 3:30 is almost night and You can experience the Bioluminescence when you Move Your double-bladed paddle to pull front-to-back on one side and then You observe Bioluminescence underwater.

Note – if a Full moon is not there then you experience good Bioluminescence underwater otherwise if a half moon is there then you will see 30% to 40%  Bioluminescence.

Sunset and Kayaking in Havelock

A beautiful view of the sunset is visible while kayaking a little further up from the harbour in Havelock. The experience of seeing the sunset over the flat seas can be quite overwhelming.

The sea reflects the changing colours of the sky. The sea and sky together put up a show you must not miss. Kayaking in havelock is an added experience to look at blue sky moon shadow in the seawater.

Who can do kayaking?

Everyone can do this as long as they are physically and mentally fit. Kids above 10 years can sign up for kayaking.

Nothing much, just the ability to paddle the kayak throughout the trip.

While paddling continuously, you might feel tired. No worries, our experienced instructors can toe you back to shore

How we conduct kayaking while watching the sunset?

We offer a short briefing session about what to expect while you go kayaking for the first time as well as the safety procedure with all the precautions.

A short practice session of paddling the kayak is involved so that you can adopt the habit.

The kayaks we have do not capsize even if that you are advised to put on a life jacket during the activity.


Kayaking In The Mangroves

There is a wide range of birds and marine species you can see while Kayaking in the Mangroves. Mangrove cuckoos, White ibis, brown pelican, and Red-tailed hawks are commonly sighted during kayaking.

Juveniles of fish seek harbor between the submerged roots and shallow waters around the mangroves. One can easily spot a shole of Mud- Skippers and their family.

Owing to the crystal clear waters much of that can be seen while sitting on the kayak and our expert guides cum storyteller presents you a complete illustration of words to entertain you with their polished knowledge.  

We arrange kayaking through mangroves during the day and we recommend you wear only white shorts and t-shirt and carry sun cream.

It starts at 8 am every day with only 6 pax accompanied by 1 instructor and 1 local guide. Snacks and Mineral water are included.

The trip starts at the Havelock ferry Jetty towards the Lighthouse in the mangrove cannel. 

mangrove kayaking havelock
bioluminescence night kayaking in havelock

Kayaking In The Night

Observe the clear night sky or marvel at the bioluminescence in the water while Night kayaking in Andaman. The night sky is bright with innumerable stars and one can easily observe constellations while kayaking here. With every move of the paddle through the water, you will also be amazed by tiny marine organisms creating a sparkle.

Why should you kayak in the dark?

Bioluminescence is one of the most attractive natural phenomena, which can easily be seen during kayaking and you would not like to miss it.

What is Bioluminescence exactly?

Bioluminescence  means “living light”, Like fireflies. There are thousands of micro-living organisms in the ocean like a species of algae, phytoplankton along with squid, shrimp, and some fish have an extraordinary natural defense mechanism that emits light due to a chemical reaction where the chemical energy is converted into light energy, and these start sparkling.

Each time you paddle, these tiny micro-living organisms come in contact with the surface of your paddle and spark, This is how you see the attractive natural phenomena during dark in the evening.

Join us on a memorable kayaking experience