Semi Submarine

Coral Safari Semi Submarine is one of the best ways to explore the deep seas without getting wet. The crystal clear waters surrounding the North Bay island presents a wonderful opportunity to view the dense coral population surrounding the island, along with hordes of fishes residing in them.

Andaman Coral Safari Semi Submarine

One of the best things about Semi Submarine is that there are no constraints on the level of deep waters it can explore. Unlike Scuba Diving and Glass Bottom Boats, semi-submarine can explore much deeper seas, where you can find unique species of fishes like large tunas and manta rays.

Another great thing to look forward to is the feeling of being underwater. When inside the viewing dorm, you are surrounded by water from all sides, and thanks to the 45º angle of the windows it feels like you are viewing down the glass and seeing even further below, as your view fades into the darkness.

Sudden jumps of large fishes and groups of colorful fishes swarming around the submarine are common during the trip.


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For semi submarine Overview

When you get to see the underwater species through a large glass, it becomes the memorable experience of your life. People from all age groups can witness coral safari without any fear. You get to know a lot of information about corals and their instinctive behaviours. The sea marvels excite you with their colourful skin and print. Enjoying the corals from close intervals is an experience you do not want to miss out. Safari is an experience that you can share with your entire family and make it more memorable!

  • The depth of the Semi-Submarine is 4 to 5 meter.
  • Ride time 25 to 30 minutes.
  • Price- 3400
  • Reefs covered turtle reef and elephant beach reef.

No age limit and no medical issues need

How to Reach Destination

  • By Boat: Elephant beach is at a distance of 20 minutes boat ride from the Havelock Dock and to reach Havelock Dock is at a distance of 70km by boat which takes 1.5 hrs to reach from Port Blair.
  • There are complimentary transfers available in the package, so the driver and the car will pick you up from your hotel in Havelock Island (Except Taj and Barefoot).
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Join us on a memorable Submarine experience