Experience an Amazing underwater Snorkelling Event at the Untouched bay of Havelock Island.

The Andaman Islands is one of the best places to snorkel. Snorkeling in Andaman is another famous activity as the reefs here in Andaman start at a very low depth, making it easier for people who want to do snorkeling. Guides accompany you during the snorkeling at any location in Andaman.

Snorkelling in Andaman Highlights

  • Witness magnificent underwater views & snorkel with the colorful fishes in Havelock

  • Learn about detailed diving insights, techniques, and safety measures from the professional guide

  • Relax at the white sand beaches and laze around with the fantastic view of the blue green ocean

  • Interact with the schools of fish, vibrant corals & other aquatic animals while you snorkel

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Snorkeling in Andaman Overview

Location-  Elephant beach/Govind Nagar beach (Nemo reef) Havelock Island, Andaman

Timings: Between 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM


  • Underwater diving: 7-8 minutes
  • Briefing session: 5-10 minutes

Pick-up & drop Details:

  • For elephant beach – (there is no pickup/drop facility from the hotel)
  • For Govindnagar beach – pickup/drop from Anywhere on Havelock Island (all hotels except Taj, TSG, and Barefoot) at an additional 200PP cost

Note: You will have to Reach Havelock Island on your own.

About the Snorkelling in Andaman

  • The activity duration is 7-8 minutes underwater allured with its crystal clear waters and live corals in Havelock Islands.
  • The preserved coastal belts enclosed by long stretches of the distinct ecosystem are an enjoyable sight to experience.
  • What makes the experience great is that you don’t have to prepare anything in advance, you can just grab the gear, go dive into the water, and feel the weight of your body fade away.
  • The professional instructor will give you a 5-10 minute briefing of the activity and prepare you with the necessary equipment required for snorkelling such as snorkel and diving mask.
  • Begin the activity and get to witness the fascinating marine life and live corals. 
  • Choose the package ferry and avoid the hassle of transportation.
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How to Reach Destination

  • By Boat: Elephant beach is at a distance of 20 minutes boat ride from the Havelock Dock and to reach Havelock Dock is at a distance of 70km by boat which takes 1.5 hrs to reach from Port Blair.
  • There are complimentary transfers available in the package, so the driver and the car will pick you up from your hotel in Havelock Island (Except Taj and Barefoot).
Join us on a memorable Snorkelling experience